Breakfast Menu
For breakfast,we are serving The breakfast jam (toast,eggs(scrambled or overeasy), and bacon/sausage),Oatmeal,Cereal,Yogurt(with berries),muffins,scones,and an omellete.
For drinks, we have smoothies,coffee (of your choice),juice,2% milk,tea (of your choice),and water.
Lunch Menu
For lunch, we are serving Ramen,Tilapia with a side of rice; dumplings,curry,burgers with a side of fries,salad(saladbar),pasta,and beef stew.
We offer coffee, ice tea, milk tea, boba (bubble tea), water, smoothies (strawberry or mango),milkshakes,and soda.
Dinner menu
We are serving steak with a side of mashed potatoes,turkey,Don-katsu,Udon,lasanga,porkchops with a side of mixed vegetables, pancit canton,dumplings (chicken or pork),chicken alfredo,and breadsticks.
We have coffee,ice tea, water,and green tea.
We have gelato, ice cream, pie, cakes (slices),cupcakes,and parfaits.