Small Bio

For those of you who don't know, these are the main characters in the show. Without a further ado, go ahead and read a few, just click the text and see!

Dean Winchester-- The Eldest brother between the two. He's a hunter that drives an old fashioned '67 Chevrolet Impala that he refers to as "Baby" (he probably loves his car more that an actual person). Not only is he a hunter, he's also a member of the group, The Men of letters. He's shown to be really caring and kind to the ones he loves...but he just has a hard time actually showing it in that kind of manner.

Sam Winchester--The youngest between the Winchester brothers but he can be considered the smartest between the two. Like his brother, he became a hunter except he did it because his life was basically destroyed by a demon and he has no where else to go but there.Despite them being brothers, he's quite the opposite of his brother (he eats very healthy meals and isn't as emotionally constipated). Sam also likes saying "So get this...".

Castiel--This angel is one of the most strongest ally and great friend of the Winchester brothers.He can be shown to be smart yet, he is completely cofused by "human inteaction". Cas is shown to be completely devoted and gives all his care to Winchester brothers (mostly to dean since he says that have "a more profound bond").