Isa Inc.

Ivana Frichiken
Ivana started out in this company in 2014 and works as our secretary. She was born on July 10, 1987 in San Diego,California and was brought up by a family that was known for their delicious vegetables and fruits. Even though Ivana could have joined her family buisness and became an heiress to one of the most well-known compaines in the world, she thought it would be better if she helped another company and make a new name for herself. Did I mention she is the best cook here (like seriously, you should try her porkchops, they're delicious!)

Derrick Mcfumpltlfumpter
Derrick joined our organization in early 2015. He was born in March 26,1993 in Chinatown,California.He went to Granada Hills Charter High school and for college he went to Stanford and graduated with a master's degree in buisness and a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Even though he has ability to open his own buisness, he decided to lend a hand to our company. From that point on, he became our buiness manager and technical guy.

Katy Purry
Katy joined our organization in late 2014. She was born on November 12, 1995 in San Fransico,California. She went to a private academy,Washimeow, and stayed there and graduated will a perfect GPA and was a valedectorian of her class. Katy later went on to Harvard and she majored in media and medicine.Luckily,she decided to apply to our blooming organization and she designs our website and all our merchandise and she also acts as our social media person (controls our twitter,instagram,facebook,tumblr,and snapchat).

Aaron Powers
Aaron joined our organization in late 2014 (just like Katy). He was born on December 11, 1991 in Los Angeles, California. He was the top student in his high school,Otaku High, but it's shown in his records that he's was quite the troublemaker. He went to UCIrvine and he majored in multi-/interdisciplinary studies and law. Aaron loves his job (yes, he did say that to us) and he works as our treasurer and our "contacter" (he'll communicate with any person who can sponsor us or be our spokesperson). Since he said that we have to add this, he said that he like to watch this show called Blue exorcist (not sure what that is though) and he like to say that he was the main character of it (as a joke of course).