Pokemon GO has been deleted from all app stores

The developers behind Pokemon GO have deemed the app unsafe and unplayable due to players killing themselves trying to catch them all

Pokemon GO was a game that took the world by storm.It helped people around the world to leave their house and explore the outside the outside world. This app was able to let people live out their dreams of becoming a pokemon master, not to mention it got people to exercise.So why delete it? Well, the developers of pokemon GO have explained why in the interview

We were all devestated to delete our game but we had a reason to do so.People were dying and getting injured. We have put a warning before each game starts to be aware of your surroundings but people have disregarded it completley.A man walked into a busy highway, a man played pokemon Go wh driving his car and he ended up driving into a tree and many more casualties.With a heavy heart we hope that by deleting pokemon Go, players will be more aware of their surroundings and play safer.

Gamers were outraged by Hanke's comment.Some extreme players decided to hold protests to bring back their beloved games.However, were the developers wrong?

Hanke wasn't completleywrong when he said People were dying and being injured.It's been reported that people have been stabbed,injured,and robbed, due to them not looking at their surroundings. The developers even said that they programmed an image that told them to be aware of their surroundings.

All I can say is that I hope future gamers will be more alert when playing their games so future games wouldn't suffer the same fate as Pokemon GO .

This article was written by Kyla De las Alas

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